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Busan. first full weekend outside of Seoul

On the last weekend (4-5 December) i've being in Busan, the second largest city in Korea. So much impressions. Fauzen, Maya's friend from Indonesia, did for us a great excursion by this city, perfect guide :) Came by train on Saturday, morning, then went to a fish market, had lunch, then city center, Busan Tower, went to the beach, try ocean water - actually it was cold, very cold. I took with me some additional clothes, because thought that weather will be cold (in Seoul last Friday was near -3C), but a surprize happened) - it was warmer in compare with Seoul. We had feeling that arrived to another country, because of a climate-temperature gap. It wes very beautiful in night on the Busan's beach, different lights of buildings, bridge, ocean and 3 have-fun-people :) Evening time we came to a japanese restaurant for eating suchi. In Korea some restaurant allow next system: you have to pay only 10 000 won (~$10) and can eat so much as you can, unlimited. It was thids one. We a…