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probably an illusion of better life

"It is perfect to be important,  but the most important to be perfect"  (status one of my friends)
This weekend will participate in Model United Nations (will represent Japan). Yesterday was playing in footbal with exchange student (France, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand...), almost two days ago had a big shopping time (in night and afternoon), spent so much money for buying clouthes and souvenires; on Monday have been in Yonsei University was listening a lecture about financial risk management, VaR (Value-at-Risk) from guy who worked in Lehman-Brothers.
On the last weekend had a nice trip to my mentor's hometown, met with his family, was hiking to beautiful mountain..
I can agree with Adam Smit & Co that people all time want to more and more, better and better. Probably that is nature of human being, and that is the stimul for progress.
I don't know what happened. I got some realistic mood, or something else. Actually, i don't know why i'm going participate i…
today in morning i've been in the budda's temple again with Kyeng, Tom, Maya, Sindi, Anthony and Creese were practicing korean martial art - zen. For me ot was interesting, but just a little. Than had lunch for free and climbed to mountain. Yep!
It was being good but we were tired, sleeping on the subway.
At 5 pm went to Konguk University on the concert of Asian culture, there was being a culture perfomance from each ASEAN country. I was so impressed from Indonesia perfomance (dance). Very dynamic and harmony. Than we had dinner. I still hungry all time, this food is not enough for me. Will come back to Ukraine and more and more appreciate every day in Korea. May be, i will miss by this people.

budda's temple. good time and a little adventures

on the last weekend have been in the Budda's temple. meditation, 108 bows, tea ceremony and total peace :) yeap. in temple is really quite atmosphere.      People: canadian teachers (so beautiful!), Benny from Indonesia but working in Singapore, Michael from Australia -tourist and Chui Am Hwagye. We took temple stay for 1 night, except Chui Am. He has Temple Life - 1 month. All time in temple. He teaches me original Korean martial art, not Teak Wan Do (it's not korean). Agreed, that on Thursday and Saturday we will have meeting for trainings (free). Chui Am after finishing temple life (near 2 weeks) going to Cietl (USA) for working as a journalist.
When i ask him Why does he help me, the answer was: "I think, that is Karma".                        Opening: never mind that a lot of thinking can be so dangerous :) It's hard, but it's possible. Just go and do that!
 So, now step by step:

a) start: me and Andrea decide to take temple stay. But by the way to this tem…


took part in Hanyang G20. it was good. some of participants will be future global leaders. thank you Chair, for organzing this summit on the high level. my respect!

everything is possible. believe! Just do it.. take it easy!
it was not told by me.. in the world are people. more important than me. more desirable than me. more lover.
and what? everybody has own way to success!
now i experience a crisis of values. Indeed, i have goals, ambitions... but i don't feel that is mine.

found one web site with good (helpful) information about this issues

Successful people have clear values that define who they are. For example, Oprah Winfrey wants to make a difference and get people to take responsibility for themselves. Richard Branson of Virgin values a challenge, fun, and good value for money. Knowing your values will define what success means to you and how you want to do business. If you are unsure of your values, a coach can help you with thi…